About Us

Welcome to our family food blog. The recipes we are going to share with you have been taught to us by our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. They are a diverse collection of not only Italian and Venezuelan foods but a random assortment from around the world. No one wants to eat the same thing every day, so we are continually looking for and learning new recipes. Growing up we always had a hand in the kitchen. Our family rarely ate out and with two working parents our mom wasn’t going to let us off easy. Today we are all grateful for that initial push to enjoy eating well which fuels our desire to cook.

Is every recipe on our site organic, healthy, vegan, gluten free? Nope. Now that doesn’t mean we won’t have recipes that fall into any of the above categories. Above all we strive for a combination of great taste and practicality. We have noticed that most young adults don’t cook because it appears to be a long and difficult process and ordering pizza is just easier. Our goal is to change that attitude. We feel it’s important for cooking to be easy. As we begin to post some of our families recipes you will see that most of them are relatively simple.The recipes that do take longer can be used for special occasions or will generally keep well in the freezer for lots of handy leftovers.Please help us help you by leaving your comments. “I’m Going Bananas” will be a fun and exciting journey